Bible Verse of the Day – April 1, 2023

Verse of the day April 1st 2023 My righteousness draws near speedily my Salvation is on the way and my arm will Bring Justice to the Nations The islands will look to me and wait in Hope for my arm Isaiah 51 verse 5. Thoughts on today's verse God's promises stand Through the Ages he Has fulfilled them in many different Ways He has punished evil Nations redeemed Israel according to his promises and Sent Jesus as the Savior and Redeemer For all people Maybe most importantly for us Jesus Stands at the edge of History waiting to Return and bring full Redemption for God's people and salvation for those Everywhere who long for his return Prayer Sovereign Lord I see so much Injustice In the world I Long for Your Truth righteousness and Justice to triumph over the evil and Injustice of our fallen creation While I long for the return of Jesus my Heart also breaks for the many who do Not know Jesus and those who have Rebelled against your will Please dear Lord may your will be done On Earth as it is in heaven and may the Triumph of your will begin with me

In Jesus name I pray Amen [Music]

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