Bible Proof That King David Is NOT in Heaven

One question I was asked during a recent Live stream is whether or not King David Is in heaven now the answer will Surprise you that’s what I’m going to be Talking about in this video as I play a Clip for you from my live stream in Response to this question But before I do that don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel and click the Bell if you’re new so you get notified About my future live streams and video Uploads now for the clip hey Greg do you Think that Moses and King David are in Heaven right now because of the Resurrection of Matthew chapter 27 verse 53 will actually Um Moses is in heaven because Moses had A special Resurrection after his death The Bible talks about Michael contending With Satan over the body of Moses and The reason being is because God Resurrected Moses and Satan claimed that He had no right to resurrect Moses but We know that Moses went to heaven and Elijah went to heaven as well they were Exceptions to the rule that people sleep In the grave until the second coming of Jesus along with Enoch well because Elijah and Moses appeared to Jesus on The Mount of transfiguration but in Terms of David the Bible specifically Tells us in the book of Acts that David Has not ascended to Heaven yet Acts Chapter 2 verse 34. it says for David

Did not Ascend into the heavens but he Says himself the Lord said to my Lord Sit at my right hand so David is not in Heaven according to scripture most People don’t go to heaven most people Sleep in the grave until the Resurrection at the second coming of Jesus I mean Jesus specifically told us In the Book of John I think it was Chapter 14 verses 1 through 3 that he Would not take us to Heaven until his Second coming let me share that with you Here’s what it says this is one of my Favorite verses in the Bible let not Your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me in my father’s House are many mansions if it were not So I would have told you I go to prepare A place for you he’s talking about his Ascension to heaven and if I go and Prepare a place for you I will come Again now he’s talking about a second Coming and receive you to myself when is He going to receive us to himself to Take us to heaven to his father’s house When he comes again he said that where I Am there you may be also clear as day Jesus said when I come again I’ll take You to myself so that you can you can be With me in my father’s house where I am Preparing mansions for you by the way I’m currently doing a fundraiser to Raise money for a new video editing Laptop from my assistant Carolina she

Helps me edit videos and lately she has Been using my old Lenovo IdeaPad laptop Which just can’t keep up with the Demands of Adobe Premiere Pro which is Our video editing software so I created A fundraiser to rate to raise money for A new laptop the laptop that I hope to Get is the Dell g15 which you see Pictured on the screen or something with Similar specs it costs 11 000 zlati Which equals about 2500 US dollars so Far you guys have helped us raise over 3 000 slotty and we are really grateful For that please prayerfully consider Donating if you haven’t already to help Us reach our goal so that we can produce Christian videos more efficiently not to Mention one of our donors have told us That for every dollar we raise they will Match it so if you donate one dollar They’ll donate one dollar if you donate Five dollars they’ll donate five dollars Making your donation twice as effective You could find a link to our fundraiser In the video description King David is Not in heaven now generally people sleep In the grave until the second coming of Jesus and Jesus said we will not go to Heaven until his return now there are Some exceptions like Moses Elijah and Enoch but King David is not one of those Exceptions apparently since the Bible Says he has not yet ascended to Heaven He is sleeping in the grave waiting for

The second coming of Jesus to be Resurrected and taken to Heaven There Are many different opinions about what Happens to someone after they die some People believe that they have an Immortal soul that goes straight to Heaven upon death or that they become Ghosts after they die but is that what The Bible teaches find out by clicking On the screen and watching my video Entitled 10 facts about death according To the Bible thank you for watching and God bless you

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