Bible Proof That Hell Is NOT Eternal 🔥

One question I was asked in a recent Live stream is whether or not hell is Going to be Eternal in other words is God going to burn in penitent Sinners Forever and ever for the sins that they Have committed that's what I'm going to Be talking about in this video as I play A clip for you in response to that Question during my live stream but Before I do that don't forget to Subscribe to my channel if you're new And click the Bell so you get notified About my future live streams and video Uploads now for the clip dater 5 said is Hell literally Eternal is it really forever well it's Not going to burn forever if that's what You're asking there is going to be a Hell another thing the Bible calls it is The Lake of Fire which the wicked will Be cast into after they are judged There's nobody burning in hell now Though and they are not going to burn in Hell forever for example in Malachi Chapter 4 It says this let me bring it up on the Screen and I will show you and talking About the destruction of the wicked in Hellfire It says for behold the day is coming Burning like an oven this is talking About Hellfire and all the proud yes all Who do wickedly shall be stubble and the Day which is coming shall burn them up

Says the Lord of hosts that will leave Them neither root nor Branch so they Will be so thoroughly burned up that Nothing will be left neither root nor Branch by the way the root here Symbolizes Satan and the branch Symbolizes his followers all of the Wicked Sinners but to you who fear my Name the son of righteousness shall Arise with healing in his wings and you Shall go out and grow fat like stall-fed Calves you shall trample the wicked for They shall be ashes Under The Souls of Your feet on the day that I do this says The Lord so here it says that they will Be burned to ashes there will be nothing Left neither root nor Branch they will Be completely burned up And I think you know that is in line With the character of God because we Know that God is a just God and it would Not be just it would not be fair for God To burn sinners in Hell forever and ever For the sins that they committed in a Short lifetime the punishment just does Not fit the crime that would that would Make God very vindictive and that's not The kind of God that we have and not to Mention in talking about uh what the Punishment for sin is in I think it's Romans chapter 6 verse 23 it tells us The wages of sin is death because Ultimately the wicked are going to die In Hell Fire they're going to be burned

To ashes it doesn't say the wages of sin Is burning forever and ever or Throughout all eternity not to mention The Bible teaches us that Jesus Paid the Price for our sins by dying on the cross Now if the penalty for sinning would be Burning in Hell forever and ever then Technically Jesus should be on fire now But he's not Check out my online shop for Christian T-shirts and inspiring Bible resources Including my Sabbath keeper t-shirt the Brand new revelation verse by verse Devotional prophecy study Bibles DVDs And more click on the link in the video Description to visit my shop today the Bible makes it clear that Sinners will Not burn endlessly in hell they will be Burned to ashes it would not be fair for God to burn Sinners forever and ever for The sins they have committed in a short Lifetime the Bible says the wages of sin Is death not burning in Hell forever did You know that nobody is in hell now Satan will also be destroyed in Hell Fire and the fires of Hell will be Kindled on earth learn more about these And other health facts by clicking on The screen to watch my video entitled 10 Facts about hell you're not being told Thank you for watching and God bless you

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