Before It’s Too Late

[Music] How many people have you met in your Life who when either they have been Confronted with an adverse condition or When you speak to them about a certain Malady that the Lord has brought into Your life offer the response of it could Be Worse one of the statements that is Rarely heard in the Christian Community Anymore is This there but for the grace of God go I those who do not serve the Lord Jesus Christ are of course referring to their Own death by their words that which they Fear above all other fears is that which The Born Again believer waits for in Anticipation the release from the flesh To be in the presence of the Almighty the Lord told Elijah that there Was 7,000 left to him and so I ask this Question of you Today if you are seeking for relief from The bondage of the Flesh whether by Rapture or your death Harmony are left in the circle of your Family friends and Acquaintances of all that you know that Are prepared to take your Place prepared and willing to assist Those who are on the path to the kingdom Of the Living God in their growth in the Grace and knowledge of the Lord and to Those who do not serve him to continue

To plead with them to repent before it Is too Late how prepared are you now with the Knowledge of these truths just offered To suffer willingly with whatever it is That the Lord has placed upon you Knowing full well that you may be the Only one that is reaching out to those Around you with the truths of the Scriptures this is not to say that you Are not replaceable in this regard for You are the lord always keeps a Remnant For him Himself but contemplate this question as Well in the length of days that you have Been on this planet how many people have Approached you and initiated a Conversation with you about the Lord Jesus Christ about the Scriptures about your Eternal Soul 50 20 Five has there been even One out of perhaps a thousand of living Souls you have met in your life hame has Said to you who do you say Jesus Christ Is you will die when your father in Heaven says your work is over and in a Way determined by Him this letter is not meant to tell you That you should be seeking for a Timothy To continue on in the work that has been Set before you it is an attempt to help You you seek truth in this Regard that there are far fewer of us

Than you might like to Believe my beautiful wife has lived in The same general geographical area for Many decades within that vicinity there Are perhaps 50 churches or more and Thousands of people many of them profess To know God some even saying that Jesus Christ is Lord our employment Fe field has allowed Her the opportunity to meet a large Portion of them would you like to know How many of those have spoken to her About eternal matters over those Decades To and I was one of Them before you get in a hurry to go to Your Eternal home consider these Words you are probably not the only Saved person in your Vicinity but you may be the only one who Is willing to openly speak of the Living God to others who has no fear of their Reproaches who looks forward to their Last breath here but wants to remain no Matter the personal cost to Yourself if you have been crucified with Christ then you are to be an example for Others not only to those who are your Brothers and sisters in Christ but to The lost and the wicked as well You must put aside all fear you must not Allow circumstances or the possible Adverse consequences that may arrive in Your life to hinder you from that which

Has been set before you to lift up the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to all That will listen the important question My friends one which you may have to Give an answer for on your day of Accounting is not how many people came Up to you and spoke to you about the Savior but how many times did you Initiate a conversation with Others about him whom you call Lord [Music]

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