Audiobook Review: The Book of Psalms Chapter 142 in Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Welcome to our audiobook review series where we delve into literary treasures that can be enjoyed in an auditory format. In this installment, we turn our attention to the timeless masterpiece, “The Book of Psalms Chapter 142,” presented in the Contemporary English Version (CEV). Immerse yourself in the soothing tones and profound words as we unpack the richness this audiobook has to offer. Prepare to embark on a spiritual journey where ancient wisdom meets modern interpretation, as we delve into this captivating rendition of the Psalms.

Audiobook Review: The Book of Psalms Chapter 142 in Contemporary English Version (CEV)


Psalm 142 is a remarkable chapter in the Book of Psalms, attributed to the renowned King David. This special Psalm and prayer by David were composed during a challenging time in his life, while he was hiding in a cave. The chapter reflects David’s deep faith, vulnerability, and his earnest plea for help and mercy from the Lord.

David prays for help and begs for mercy

In this chapter, David pours out his heart to God, acknowledging his dire circumstances and his need for divine intervention. He acknowledges that the Lord is his refuge and is the only one who can save him from his troubles. In heartfelt desperation, David begs for mercy, recognizing that without God’s assistance, he is powerless.

He shares his worries and troubles with the Lord

David does not hold back in expressing his anxieties and struggles to the Lord. He confesses his feelings of loneliness and helplessness, recognizing that there is no one who truly cares for him. Despite feeling isolated, he finds solace in knowing that God is there with him, listening to his prayers and offering guidance.

God is there to guide him when he feels low

David acknowledges that even in the darkest moments of his life, God has been his guiding light. When he feels low and surrounded by enemies, he finds comfort in knowing that God is there to lead him out of trouble. For David, God’s presence brings hope and the assurance that he is not alone in his struggles.

David feels alone and there is no one who cares for him

In this Psalm, David expresses his deep sense of isolation and abandonment. He feels like an outcast, rejected by those around him. However, he finds solace in the fact that despite human betrayal, God remains faithful and stands by his side. David’s vulnerability in this chapter resonates with readers who may find themselves in similar situations, reassuring them that they are not alone in their feelings of despair.

He finds safety and chooses the Lord in the land of the living

Despite his circumstances, David remains steadfast in his faith, affirming his commitment to the Lord even in the face of adversity. He finds safety and refuge in God, acknowledging that there is no one else who can offer true deliverance. David’s unwavering trust in the Lord serves as an inspiration, encouraging others to seek solace and strength in their relationship with God.

David pleads for God to answer his prayer as he feels completely helpless

In this chapter, David pleads for God to answer his prayer, laying bare his feelings of helplessness. He recognizes that only God’s intervention can bring about the change he desperately seeks. David’s vulnerable plea serves as a reminder that it is okay to cry out to God in times of desperation, entrusting our lives into His hands.

He asks for rescue from those who chase him, so he can praise God’s name and his people will notice God’s kindness to him

David’s ultimate desire is to be rescued from those who chase him, not only for his own deliverance but also to magnify God’s name before others. He longs for his people to witness God’s kindness and faithfulness towards him, showcasing God’s power to save. David’s plea highlights his dedication to praising God even in the midst of trials, knowing that God’s intervention will manifest His glory.


Psalm 142 is a heartfelt prayer and plea for help by King David during a difficult period in his life. Through this chapter, David demonstrates the power of vulnerability and unwavering faith in the face of adversity. As readers, we find comfort and inspiration in David’s words, encouraging us to turn to God with our worries and troubles. This Psalm serves as a reminder that no matter how alone we may feel, God is always near, ready to guide and deliver us from our struggles.

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