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I think that Central Bank digital Currencies are coming I think that They're going to introduce crypto to Replace the pound I think the cbdc is Going to be tracked meticulously on the Blockchain they're going to know every Single pound goes where it comes from They're going to put time limits on how Long you'll be allowed to hold it Without spending it they're going to Prevent you from buying things they Don't want you to buy they're going to Change the way the monetary and Financial system works because this one Has to explode this system cannot Continue I don't think people understand That we are just printing money and Pouring it down a black hole trying to Fill it up and the second we turn off The printers it all falls down it's all Over this is going to be destroyed and They're going to replace and when they Replace it they're going to replace it With something that gives them more Control that's it it's all they want Digital currency and control restricting People from buying if they do or say the Wrong thing that sounds like something Straight from The Book of Revelation Revelation chapter 13 verse 17 tells us And that no one may buy or sell except One who has the Mark or the name of the Beast or the number of his name that's What I'm going to be talking about in

This video but before I do that that Make sure to subscribe to my channel and Click the Bell if you're new so you get Notified about my future uploads Andrew Tate's warning about digital currency And control is surprisingly insightful Because it echoes Revelations warning About the mark of the beast Revelation Chapter 13 warns that two Global Powers Will unite symbolically described as a Leopard-like beast and a lamb-like beast To form something called the image of The Beast that will enforce the mark of The beast those who don't accept the Mark of the beast will be restricted From buying and selling and ultimately a Death decree will be issued against them In this video I'm going to explain who The leopard-like Beast and the lamb-like Beast are what the image of the Beast is And what the mark of the beast is the Two powers from Revelation exist today And are making strides to form an image To the Beast which will lead to the mark Of the beast we are on the verge of These events watch this video to the end To learn all about it and speaking about The leopard-like Beast Revelation Chapter 13 verse 1 says then I stood on The sand of the sea and I saw a beast Rising up out of the sea having seven Heads and ten horns and on his horns ten Crowns and on his heads a blast from his Name here we see a beast rising up out

Of the sea water and Bible prophecy Symbolizes people for example Revelation Chapter 17 verse 15 says the waters Which you saw where the Harlot sits are Peoples multitudes Nations and tongues And a beast symbolizes a political power Daniel chapter 7 verse 23 says the Fourth Beast shall be a fourth Kingdom On Earth so here we have a political Power that rises to prominence in a Densely populated area of the world the Leopard-like Beast also has seven heads Revelation chapter 17 verse 9 explains The seven heads are seven mountains on Which the woman sits does that remind You of anything can you think of a Political entity that sits on seven Mountains or Hills this is talking about Rome which is also known as the city of Seven Hills so this power is located in Rome Revelation Chapter 13 Verse 2 says Now the Beast which I saw was like a Leopard his feet were like the feet of a Bear and his mouth like the mouth of a Lion the dragon gave him his power his Throne and great Authority this Description is what gives this symbolic Power the name of leopard-like Beast Because it has characteristics of a Leopard and notice that it receives its Power from the dragon the Dragon Here Symbolizes Satan working through Pagan Rome Revelation chapter 12 verse 9 says So the gray Great Dragon was cast out

That Serpent of old called the devil and Satan who deceived the whole world he Was cast to the Earth and his angels Were cast out with him verse 4 through 5 Says and the dragon stood before the Woman who was ready to give birth to Devour her child as soon as it was born She bore a male child who was to rule All nations with a rod of iron and her Child was caught up to God and his Throne the child that it's talking about Here is obviously Jesus Christ and Satan Tried to devour Jesus when he was born By using King Herod of the Roman Empire To try to kill Jesus Herod felt Threatened by Jesus so he ordered all of The children under the age of two to be Killed in Bethlehem hoping to kill Jesus As well you can read about that in Matthew chapter 2. back to the Description of the leopard-like Beast Revelation chapter 13 verses 3 through 4 Says and I saw one of his heads as if it Had been mortally wounded and his deadly Wound was healed and all the world Marveled and followed the Beast so they Worshiped the dragon who gave authority To the Beast and they worshiped the Beast saying who is like the Beast who Is able to make war with him this is Significant because it indicates that The leopard-like Beast is not only a Political power but a religious power as Well it receives worship and this really

Helps narrow down who this power might Be because there aren't too many religio Political powers in the world today from What I've read online there are only Really two and that's Islam and Vatican City which is located in Rome the city Of Seven Hills I think you know where I'm going with this so let's not beat Around the bush any longer the Leopard-like beast in Revelation chapter 13 is in reference to the capacity the Leadership of the Roman Catholic Church More confirmation of this is revelation Says one of the heads of the Beast Received a deadly wound that was healed And that happened to the papacy in 1798 When the French army seized all of the Papal territories in general birth year Took Pope Pius VI captive and the pope Died in captivity one year later the Papacy received a seemingly deadly wound However the papacy began to gradually Recover a new pope was elected after the Death of Pope Pius VI and the papacy Regained control of the Papal States After the fall of the Napoleonic system But in 1870 the papal Estates were lost Again when Rome was captured by the Italian Army and the papacy was an a Temporal Limbo with no political power But all that changed in 1929 with the Signing of the lateran treaty which gave The papacy sovereignty over Vatican City The papacy was a religio political power

Again the deadly wound began to be Healed as a matter of fact a New York Times headline about this story Literally read mortal wound healed one More confirmation that the leopard-like Beast is the papacy is Revelation Chapter 13 Verse 5 which says and he was Given a mouth speaking great things and Blasphemies the Bible gives two Definitions of blasphemy one is claiming To be God for instance after Jesus said Him and the father are one John chapter 10 verse 33 says the Jews answered him Saying for a good work we do not Stone You but for blasphemy and because you Being a man make yourself God one of the Unofficial titles of the pope is Holy Father which is a title that belongs to God when praying to the father for his Apostles Jesus said in John chapter 17 11 Holy Father keep through your name Those whom you have given me that they May be one as we are another definition Of blasphemy is claiming to be able to Forgive sins after Jesus told the man His sins were forgiven Mark chapter 2 Verse 7 tells us that the scribes Pondered in their hearts why does this Man speak blasphemies like this who can Forgive sins but God Alone the Catholic Church claims to have the right to Forgive sins through its priesthood an Online post entitled how can a priest Forgive sins by states by

The power of the Holy Spirit the priest Stands in the place of Christ to declare The Sinner forgiven so before we Continue in summary the leopard-like Beast represents the papacy the Leadership of the Roman Catholic Church The papacy seed of authority is in the Vatican which is located in Rome his Historically known as the city of Seven Hills when the papacy Rose to power in The Middle Ages it was in a densely Populated area of the World Europe the Papacy also received its throne and Authority from Satan working through Pagan Rome in the 6th Century by the Code of Justinian which declared the Pope the head of all the churches in the Roman Empire and the corrector of Heretics which means the papacy was Granted the support of the Roman army to Persecute dissenters the papacy is a Religio political power because the pope Is the ruler of Vatican City which is an Independent state and the Roman Catholic Church the papacy received a deadly Wound in 1798 when Pope Pius VI was Taken captive by General birth year and Then died in captivity but then that Wound began to heal with the signing of The lateran treaty and the pope is Called Holy Father which is a title that Belongs to God alone and the papacy Claims to have the ability to forgive Sins which is blasphemy there are more

Details about the leopard-like beast in Revelation chapter 13 that indicate this Beast is the papacy but time does not Allow me to explain them all however if You want a more detailed explanation of This along with other prophecies from The Book of Revelation like the mark of The beast The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse the seven last plagues and The second coming of Jesus then I highly Recommend getting this book Revelation Verse by verse Revelation verse by verse Is a daily devotional designed to help You gain a better understanding about The Book of Revelation in one year with 365 short readings it's useful for Personal growth and as a Bible study Tool you can use it to prepare Bible Studies and sermons and I've even been Using it as part of my research for this Video and it's been very helpful you can Get it as a hardcover or digital Download click on the link in the video Description to get your copy today now That we know the identity of the Leopard-like Beast let's discover the Identity of the lamb-like beast in Revelation chapter 13 that the Leopard-like Beast unites with in order To enforce the mark of the beast Revelation chapter 13 verse 11 says then I saw another Beast coming up out of the Earth and he had two horns like a lamb And spoke like a dragon this Beast or

Political power comes up out of the Earth remember that water symbolizes a Multitude of people so that means this Political power rises in a sparsely Populated area of the world it also has Two horns like a lamb the lamb is a Symbol of Jesus in the Bible and Speaking of Jesus John chapter 1 verse 29 says Behold the Lamb of God who takes Away the sin of the world so this Lamb-like Beast symbolizes a Christian Nation unfortunately this Christian Nation ends up speaking like a dragon Which means it adopts satanic principles And the nation that it's talking about Here is the United States of America When the United States was formed in 1776 it was sparsely populated with some Native tribes and American settlers According to Google the population of America in 1776 was 2.5 million that was Nothing compared to Europe which had a Population of over 165 million also the United States started out as a Christian Nation even the American dollar has In God We Trust written on it as evidence Of that in addition I'm America was Founded upon an important biblical Principle the separation of church and State the First Amendment of the Constitution reads Congress shall make No law respecting an establishment of Religion or prohibiting the free Exercise thereof that's based on Jesus's

Statement in Mark chapter 12 verse 17. Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's with the Roman Catholic Church Reigned Supreme in Europe during the Dark Ages church and state United this Led to the persecution and death of Countless millions of people not to Mention in the 16th and 17th centuries Both Protestants and Catholics were Persecuted in England depending on the Monarch at the time so Christians fled To America to worship freely an online Post entitled religion and the founding Of the American Republic by the Library Of Congress States many of the British North American colonies that eventually Formed in the United States of America Were settled in the 17th century by men And women who in the face of European Persecution refused to compromise Passionately held religious convictions And fled Europe the New England colonies New Jersey Pennsylvania and Maryland Were conceived and established as Plantations of religion some settlers Who arrived in these areas came for Secular motives to catch fish as one New Englander put it but the great majority Left Europe to worship God in the way They believed to be correct America was Founded as a Haven for Christians to Worship freely but the Book of Revelation says this is going to change

The United States will repudiate Religious liberty and people will be Forced to worship falsely Revelation Chapter 13 verse 12 says and he the Second beast exercises all the authority Of the first beast in his presence and Causes the Earth and those who dwell in It to worship the first Beast whose Deadly wound was healed so Protestant America will apostasize and Unite with The papacy to force people to worship The papacy and actually the union Between Catholic and Protestant churches Is already happening for example in 1999 Catholics and lutherans signed the joint Declaration on the doctrine of Justification which affirms the churches Now share a common understanding of our Justification by God's grace through Faith in Christ consequently Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer and charismatic con Man Kenneth Copeland declared the Protest is over brothers and sisters Luther's protest is over Is yours in 1999 this was signed by the Lutheran Church the Federation worldwide Later about five years later the Worldwide methodists signed the same Agreement but as of today we still have Had no Protestant Evangelical that will Stand up and sign this agreement to Agree with our brothers and sisters that We are saved by grace through faith to Good works and I believe that's

Something that needs to be fixed there's A challenge for you so the protest has Been over for 15 years And I get a bit cheeky here because I Challenge my Protestant Pastor friends If there is no More protest How can There be a Protestant church maybe we Now we're all Catholics again the Churches now share a common Understanding of our justification by God's grace through faith in Christ To the parties involved this essentially Resolves the conflict over the nature of Justification which was at the root of The Protestant Reformation the protest Is over in addition several other Churches have signed the joint Declaration on the doctrine of Justification since the Catholics and Lutherans signed it in 1999 including The world Methodist Council in 2006 the Anglican consultative Council in 2016 And the world communion of reformed Churches in 2017. this is kind of ironic Since the Catholic Church still teaches A works-based Salvation for example the Catechism of the Catholic Church Paragraph 1129 States the church affirms That four Believers the sacraments of The New Covenant are necessary for Salvation some of the Catholic Sacraments include baptism confirmation And the Eucharist and according to the Catholic church if you don't perform

Them you can't be saved but anyway some Popular Protestant leaders have also Publicly sung the Pope's praises and Encouraged their congregations to unite With him an online post entitled Mega Church Pastor Rick Warren joins Pope Francis in support of common Mission by States Pastor Rick Warren Has called on non-catholic Christians to Join with Pope Francis and the Catholic Church in pursuit of their common goals In addition Joel Osteen charismatic Pastor of the largest mega church in America had this to say about Pope Francis on HuffPost Live in 2013. but We've just got one more question coming Through boring file clothe says what's Your view of the current pope you know The pope has obviously been reaching out And has been a force of moderation in Comparison to his predecessors I think The pope is fantastic you know I just Think his tone his humility his you know I loved when he said the other day you Know and it's it's our view too we're Not trying to you know make this a Little bitty narrow thing anybody's Welcome we may not agree you know 100 on Doctrine and theology but you know what Where will that the church Catholic Church our church is open for Everybody so I like his tone not pushing People away but I believe God's big and His Mercy is very wide he thinks the

Pope is fantastic now listen the Pokemon This guy I can't really say I've never Personally met the pope but regardless No matter what kind of person the Current pope is pastors need to warn Their congregations about the dangers of Catholicism and the role that the papacy Will play in the end times but they're Not doing this instead they are uniting With the Pope second Thessalonians Chapter 2 verse 3 speaks of a falling Away that is to happen before the return Of the Lord stating let no one deceive You by any means for that day will not Come unless the falling away comes first And the man of sin is revealed the Son Of Perdition the phrase Falling Away Here is translated from the Greek word Apostasia which can also be translated Into English as apostasy which means a Departure from the truth and that's what We're seeing with most Protestant Churches today they are departing from The truth they are saying our doctrines Are not important anymore and Emphasizing unity in pursuit of our Common goals now how is the union Between apostate protestantism and Catholicism going to lead to the worship Of the Beast or the papacy it's going to Be by the enforcement of the mark of the Beast which I'm going to be talking About soon so keep watching Revelation Chapter 13 verses 13 through 14 says he

That is the first Beast apostate Protestant America performs Great Signs So that he even makes Fire come down From heaven on the earth and the side of Man and he deceives those who dwell on The Earth by those signs which he was Granted to do in the sight of the Beast Telling those who dwell on the earth to Make an image to the Beast that is the Papacy who was wounded By The Sword and Lived the Bible warns us that Satan will Employ false miracles in the end times To deceive the world 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2 verses 9 through 10 says the Coming of the Lawless one is according To the working of Satan with all power Signs and lying wonders and with all Unrighteous deception among those who Perish because they did not receive the Love of the truth that they might be Saved so signs in other words false Miracles will be performed to convince People to make an image to the Leopard-like Beast the papacy Satan has Power to perform counterfeit Miracles But most people don't know that they Think of something as a miracle it must Come from God so they will be deceived By his counterfeit Miracle working Power By the way an image of something is like A copy of something for example the Bible tells us that God created Man In His Image so we resemble God in some way And what was the papacy throughout much

Of its history it was a religious power That United with the state to persecute The centers so the image of the Beast is Going to be a church state union that Persecutes those who oppose it for those Of you saying that's impossible there Will never be a church state union in The United States I got news for you There are politicians that want to make That happen right now just listen to What Colorado congresswoman Lauren Bobert said about the separation of Church and state the reason we had so Many over reaching regulations in our Nation is because the church complied The church is supposed to direct the Government the government is not Supposed to direct the church that is Not how our founding fathers intended it And I'm tired of this separation of Church and state junk that's not in the Constitution it was in a stinking letter And it means nothing like what they say It does Lauren bobert is echoing the Sentiments of a political movement Called Christian nationalism which is Gaining momentum in the United States Among right-wing Republicans an online Post entitled is Christian nationalism Growing or declining both by The Washington Post States powerful people And lobbying groups like The Family Research Council the National Association of Christian lawmakers and

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are Working to promote Christian nationalist Policy goals in government the courts And at the polls whether you like it or Not a church state union is coming Politicians are calling for it and the Bible predicts it will happen it's only A matter of time Revelation chapter 13 Verse 15 says he was granted power to Give breath to the image of the Beast That the image of the Beast should both Speak and cause as many as would not Worship the image of the Beast to be Killed apparently as a result of this Church State Union laws will be passed Mandating false worship and those who Don't comply will ultimately be Condemned to death now I'm going to talk About the mark of the beast but before I Do that if this video has inspired you And you want to help me spread God's Word please pray for my social media Ministry and consider making a one-time PayPal donation or monthly Pledge on Patreon to enable me to continue making These videos any amount is appreciated Your support helps keep my Ministry Going you can find links to my PayPal And patreon account in the video Description continuing on Revelation Chapter 13 verses 16 through 17 tells us He causes all both small and great rich And poor free and slave to receive a Mark on their right hand or on their

Foreheads and that no one may buy or Sell except one who has the Mark or the Name of the Beast or the number of his Name so those who worship the Beast and His Image will receive a mark also known As the mark of the beast but this is not Going to be a physical Mark like a Microchip implant tattoo or vaccine this Is a symbolic Mark since Revelation is a Highly symbolic book in order to Understand what the mark of the beast is We need to know what the Beast that is The papacy claims as its Mark of Authority and it needs to be a form of False worship since those who worship The Beast end its image receive its Mark The Catholic record of London stays Sunday is our Mark of authority the Church is above the Bible and this Transference of Sabbath observance is Proof of that fact the Sunday Sabbath is The Catholic Church's Mark of authority And Sunday is a false holy day since Nowhere in the Bible does it call Sunday Holy or the Sabbath Sunday sacredness Actually has pagan origins during the 4th Century A.D Sunday was a pagan day Of worship for the Roman Sun God Mithra An online post entitled how the Sabbath Was changed by States At that time the cult of mithraism or Sun worship was the official religion of The Roman Empire it stood as the Greatest competitor to the new Christian

Religion it had its own organization Temples priesthood robes everything it Also had an official worship day on Which special homage was was given to The Sun that day was called the Venerable day of the sun it was the First day of the week and from it we get Our name Sunday but through emperor Constantine the Great it was introduced Into the Christian Church Constantine Was a pagan Sun worshiper who converted To Christianity however many scholars Questioned the genuineness of his Conversion since he refused to get Baptized until his deathbed many years Later and promoted Sunday's sacredness a Pagan concept after his conversion to Christianity as a matter of fact in 321 A.D he passed a law mandating Sunday Rest in the Western Roman Empire calling It The venerable day of the sun which is Pagan terminology the law reads all Judges and City people and the Craftsmen Shall rest upon the venerable day of the Sun the Catholic Church went along with This and officially promote voted Sunday's sacredness in the Council of Laodicea in 365 A.D stating Christians Must not judaize by resting on the Sabbath but must work on that day rather Honoring the Lord's day but if any shall Be found to be judaizers let them be Anathema from Christ notice that in that Mandate by the Catholic Church

Christians were forbidden to rest on the Sabbath day that means that some Christians were still keeping the Bible Sabbath holy and the Catholic Church Wanted to stamp that out and they called Sunday the Lord's day but the Bible Never calls Sunday the Lord's Day the Sabbath is the true Lord's day the Lord Said in Isaiah Chapter 58 verse 13 if You turn away your foot from the Sabbath From doing your pleasure on my holy day The Lord called the Sabbath his holy day Now I know some of you are thinking What's the big deal about keeping the Sabbath or Sunday holy it's just a day Surely it doesn't matter to God well the Sabbath is part of God's law of Ten Commandments it's the fourth Commandment Exodus chapter 20 verses 8 through 10 Says remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy six days you shall labor and do all Your work but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God in it you Shall do no work God was specific about Which day is the Sabbath he said the Seventh day and breaking God's Commandments is sin first John chapter 3 Verse 4 tells us whosoever committed sin Transgresseth also the law for sin is The transgression of the law so if you Are intentionally disregarding the Fourth Commandment you are sinning Against God and that's dangerous because Romans chapter 6 verse 23 tells us for

The wages of sin is death also the Sabbath is a sign that we serve the true God of the Bible the Lord said in Ezekiel chapter 20 verse 20 hello my Sabbats and they shall be a sign between Me and you that you may know that I am The Lord your God in other words Observing the Sabbath is a sign of God's Authority over us so if you decide to Keep another day as the Sabbath that Means that you submit to the authority Of the power that claims that day as Their Sabbath in the case of the Sunday Sabbath that is the Roman Catholic Church because they claim Sunday as Their Mark of authority but it doesn't Stop there remember that Revelation Tells us that the papacy received its Power throne and Authority from the Dragon which is Satan so submitting to The papacy is in effect submitting to Satan the Sunday Sabbath is really a Design of Satan to steal God's glory in Isaiah chapter 14 verses 12 through 14 It talks about Lucifer's fall from Heaven because he wanted to occupy the Position of God it says how you are Fallen from Heaven o Lucifer son of the Morning how you are cut down to the Ground you who weakened the Nations for You have said in your heart I will Ascend into heaven I will exalt my Throne above the stars of God I will Also sit on the Mount of the

Congregation on the farthest sides of The north I will Ascend above the Heights of the clouds I will be like the Most high don't think that just because Lucifer was cast out of Heaven he has Abandoned his Rebellion against God on The contrary he is continuing it here on Earth he still wants people to worship Him as God and one of the ways he is Doing that is through the Sunday Sabbath He has attempted to replace God's holy Day of rest and worship the Sabbath with The holy day of his devising Sunday and This is going to be the mark of the Beast it's not the mark of the beast now But once Sunday worship is enforced by Law then it will be the mark of the Beast this form of false worship is First going to be enforced in the United States before it goes Global now I know Some of you may be asking how can Enforced Sunday worship be the mark of The beast when people receive the mark On their right hand or forehead the Right hand and forehead are symbols They're not meant to be taken literally A hand is a symbol for works in the Bible for example Ecclesiastes chapter 9 Verse 10 says whatever your hand finds To do do it with your might for there is No work or device or knowledge or wisdom In the grave where you are going so Those who receive the mark of the beast On their hand do so for economic reasons

So they can continue buying and selling The forehead has to do with conscious Obedience for his Hebrews chapter 10 Verse 16 says this is the Covenant that I will make with them after those days Says the Lord I will put my laws into Their hearts and in their minds I will Write them the mind is located behind The forehead God's law in our mind Represents willing obedience so those Who receive the mark of the beast in Their forehead willingly obey the beast In other words they have been deceived By the Beast to think that enforced Sunday worship is a good thing Incidentally the Bible talks about Another Mark called the Seal of God that Believers receive in the last days Revelation chapter 7 verse 3 says do not Harm the Earth the sea or the trees till We have sealed the Servants of our God On their foreheads Believers only Receive the Seal of God on their Foreheads they don't receive it on their Hand that's because God only accepts Willing obedience but the devil doesn't Care whether people people willingly Serve him or not he's just as happy to Force them against their will but this Leads to another question how will the Government be able to punish those who Reject the mark of the beast in other Words how are they going to be able to Track them and restrict their financial

Transactions this is still future so We're gonna have to see exactly how this Is going to play out but there are a Couple of possibilities in terms of Tracking it can be as simple as a Smartphone app the coveted pandemic Showed us how easy that is during the Pandemic numerous apps were created to Track people's vaccination status There's no reason to think that the same Technology can't be used to track who is And isn't in compliance with the coming Sunday law and in terms of restricting People from buying and selling this Would be a lot easier to do if we became A cashless society which is probably Just a matter of time especially if some Kind of Crisis like another virus out Outbreak called for it I remember going To the supermarket during the pandemic Here in Poland and they refused to take My cash for fear of spreading the virus So I was forced to use a contactless Payment option like my debit card or Smartphone not to mention numerous Countries are already practically Cashless an online post entitled Norway Finland and New Zealand top list of Countries closest to becoming cashless By States Norway Finland and New Zealand are the three countries closest To becoming cashless societies followed By Hong Kong Sweden Denmark Switzerland The UK Singapore and the Netherlands

According to research published by Merchant machine cash-based payments in All of these countries are now less than Five percent with Sweden planning to go Completely cashless in 2023 and the United States is on its way to becoming Cashless as well an online post entitled Americans using cash less often foresee Cashless Society by news States sharply fewer U.S adults report They use cash for making purchases now Then say they were doing so five years Ago 13 say they make all or most of Their purchases with cash while 28 Percent say they were using cash to the Same extent five years ago six in ten Now say they make only a few or no Purchases with cash today nearly double The 32 percent saying they did so five Years ago 64 percent of Americans say it Is very likely or likely that the U.S Will be a cashless Society at some point During their lives meaning all Transactions are done using an Electronic method of payment rather than Physical currency Revelation indicates That the papacy and apostate Protestant America will unite this has already had Protestant signing agreements with the Papacy admiring the pope and encouraging Christians to work together with the Catholic church in pursuit of common Goals Revelation tells us church and State will unite and we see politicians

In the Christian nationalist movement Calling for an end to the separation of Church and state today the mark of the Beast will be enforced Sunday worship Sunday sacredness has pagan origins and Was adopted by the Christian religion Through Constantine and the Roman Catholic Church those who decide to stay True to God and keep his Commandments Will be persecuted but God will provide For them and strengthen them in the Coming crisis All Things Considered are You willing to keep God's Commandments At all costs no matter what happens let Me know in the comments section and if What you are learning in this video has Been an eye-opener and you would like to Find a church that teaches these things I highly encourage you to look for a Seventh-Day Adventist Church near you Use Google Maps that's the easiest way To find one and if you can't find one Feel free to email me at questions at and I will try to Help you find a church near you click on The screen to check out some more of my Prophecy videos I have a lot of good Videos on Bible prophecy which I'm sure You'll enjoy if you liked this one Please like and share this video to help Spread God's word thank you for watching And God bless you

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