All the bible books with geography names are clumped right together

Hey here's the thing about the Bible That I had never noticed until I just Picked it up and started reading it here Over the last couple of months there are Nine books in the Bible that are named After Geographic locations or the people From a geographic location and I think That's interesting for two reasons one Because all of those books are right Next to each other in the New Testament Romans that's written to people from Rome first second Corinthians written to People in Corinth Galatians written to The people of galatia and modern day Turkey Ephesus that was a big city in Modern day Turkey so Ephesians is Written to them Philippians written to The people of Philippi Colossians Written to the people of colossae and Then first and up here second Thessalonians written to the people of Thessalonica so it's just a helpful Thing to know that if you see a Geography name they're all going to be Right clumped together in the New Testament but it's also helpful because If you open up the Bible and you start Reading a book that has a geography name You know it's going to be a letter from The Apostle Paul to an early group of Christians in that City thought it was Interesting

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