Advantages to Starting Your Day With God

There are lots of advantages to spending Time early in the morning with God there Are fewer distractions our mind is Clearest and most alert it gives us the Opportunity to prepare spiritually for The day there's a really interesting Proverb one that is seared itself into My mind that's Proverbs chapter 20 verse 13. do not love sleep lest you come to Poverty open your eyes and you will be Satisfied with bread This has an obvious meaning if we spend Too much time sleeping we'll become Poorer but it also applies to our Spiritual life as well if we sleep away Our life we're going to miss out on Spending time with the living bread Jesus said in John chapter 6 51 I am the Living bread which came down from heaven If anyone eats of this bread he will Live forever and the bread that I shall Give is my flesh which I shall give for The life of the world

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