Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Down in the trenches with the masses you May recall this little subway car from The video last week with the young woman Attempting to get you to believe that You need to be loving that kindness Should be one of your main attributes That you need to show a concern for Those around you Well and good if that is the life that You have chosen Then so be it I will not try to hinder Your thought While that short video may have touched At the heartstrings of somebody I wonder It caused any of you to act upon those Emotions Or do you simply switch over to another Channel after it was over I have to say that was a wonderful video And then move on I have changed the scenery a little as You can see not so much to my liking but It's what most of you seem to expect From me is it not Dark for body Almost fattening but it is not what I Prefer Do you not recall Where I originated at in heaven itself

We're eternal light shines and I shined Amongst the brightest of them Actually I prefer marble floors and tick Walls fine mines and expensive watches Gold Line picture friends with the Finest paintings art and the finest Antiquities from around the planet The best the world has to offer and After all it all belongs to me for the Moment does it not And why would I not take all that is Money have you not read in his word the Day that he rebuked me Unto me for thou Savers not the things That we have got but those that be of Men I Savor all that has been given to me And all that I have received I can do With as I please I offer it all to you you have the free Will to deny these things or accept them From my hands I force none of the pleasures of this World upon any of you Unlike the one you say you serve Who asks you to deny yourself the best This world has to offer Who asked you to suffer here and wait For the kingdom he has prepared for you It seems like such a waste but your very Short lives There's no evil in him He is Holy righteous just compassionate And his Mercy end yours forever

But there is no evil in him so He created me Do you doubt these words Read and hear from his own words I form The light and create Darkness I make Peace and create evil I the Lord do all These things He created me with the full knowledge Why would become of what I would do Long before the foundation of the world Long before he created the heavens and All that is in them he knew what I would Become before he even created me of all That I would do in Rebellion against him I do not so much offer you these things Of the world By me but the pleasure that comes from Them and along with him the pride of Ownership the pride of Self-accomplishment the desires of your Fleshly in nature fulfilled You can be all that you want to be You can achieve gray and mighty works if You will just apply yourself through the Tasks at hand You will be admired respected lift it up Above your peers They will only All this I have assisted uncounted Millions I have the power of death there is no Denying this Far too many of you do not truly Understand what this means with many of

You I would not waste my time you do not Serve him with your whole heart and so The least of my trance if you please are More than adequate for your demise and For those of you do understand what he Has said in James 1 verse 5. then one Must have conceived And bringeth forth sin and sin when it Is finished bring their forth death Let us just say that Divine notice you And permission is granted to me to Attend to Shall we say Per se Then I'll do all within my power to Cause you to stumble and dishonor his Name That is after all Tasks that have been set before me Those of you who are on the path of The Shining Light I have no power over Unless it is granted unto me But that is of no concern to me I have laid the traps and you do not Need my assistance to fall into them in Fact many of you will do so willingly With you Simple words I spoke to Adam's wife are The proof of mistake I will leave you with this for your Contemplation shall we say The tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil why did the almighty place it in

The Garden of Eden Why didn't Adam say to him who sits on The throne of Eternity Why is this here if I am not allowed to Eat of its fruit why have you placed it In the god I was created for a specific purpose and I will fulfill that purpose with great Intent until I am chained for a thousand Years then when I am released for a Season until I am cast into Eternal fire I will resume it with a great vengeance You do not need me to help you to fall Into temptation and I do not need to pay Any attention to most of you I know Those of you who are truly serving him And I would highly suggest this That to keep all of your honor [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]

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