7 Signs You’re POSSESSED By a Demon 😈

Well the idea of possession by evil Spirits may seem far-fetched to some the Bible is clear that this is a reality in The Bible demonic possession is Described as a state in which an Individual is under the control of a Malevolent Spirit leading to various Physical and mental symptoms we are Going to explore what those symptoms are In this video as I present to you seven Signs of demonic possession But before I do that if you enjoy my Videos and are looking for more Inspiring Christian channels to Subscribe to I highly recommend Doug Batchelor's YouTube channel Doug Batchelor is a pastor who I have been Watching for many years even before YouTube existed and I always learned Something new from his presentations Some of the videos that you can watch on Doug batchelor's Channel include Forehead or hand where is the mark of The beast shocking truths about the Great Tribulation and the devil's Deadliest deception click on the card in The upper right hand corner of the Screen or the link in the video Description to subscribe to Doug Batchelor and check out some of his Videos today now back to signs of Demonic possession number one a Fascination with graveyards Foreign

28 tells us when he speaking of Jesus Had come to the other side to the Country of the gurga scenes there met Him two demon-possessed men coming out Of the tombs exceedingly Fierce so that No one could pass that way you know I Think it's no coincidence that many Occult religions have a fascination with Graveyards for example in Voodoo Graveyards are considered to be powerful Places of spiritual energy and Practitioners go there to make offerings Or seek guidance from the spirits of Their ancestors or other beings in Santeria graveyards are considered to be Places where spirits of the dead and Ancestors reside and practitioners may Go there to make offerings and seek Guidance and protection from those Spirits some forms of Satanism like the Church of Satan incorporate elements of Death and the Macabre in their rituals Including graveyards and other places Associate with the dead by the way Spirit Worship is just another form of Demon worship this is an age-old Practice the Bible warns about some Chapter 106 28 says they join themselves Also to bail of pior and eight Sacrifices made to the Dead Bail pior is an ancient moabite hero who Was deified after he died and became a Moabite God the moabites made sacrifices To him that's why Psalm chapter 106 28

Says that they ate sacrifices made to The dead First Corinthians chapter 10 Verse 20 warns that worshiping Spirits Like Baal pior is really just demon Worship in Disguise stating rather that The things which the Gentiles sacrificed They sacrificed to demons and not to God And I do not want you to have fellowship With demons number two excessive Violence In reference to the two demon-possessed Men Jesus encountered in the tombs Matthew chapter 8 verse 28 describes Them as exceedingly Fierce demons are Evil malevolent beings who seek to harm And Destroy Those whom they possess this Is in line with the character of Satan Described in John chapter 10 verse 10 Stating the thief does not come except To steal and to kill and to destroy when A person is possessed by a demon their Thoughts emotions and actions are Controlled by that demon this leads them To exhibit violent and aggressive Behavior as it seeks to harm others and The person it possesses number three Supernatural strength In the description of one of the men That Jesus encountered in the tombs Mark Chapter 5 verses 3 through 4 says no one Could bind him not even with chains Because he had often been bound with Shackles and chains and the chains had Been pulled apart by him and the

Shackles broken in pieces neither could Anyone tame him Demons are powerful beings and when a Demon possesses someone it can influence The body of that person resulting in Them exhibiting Supernatural strength or Abilities number four self-harm Again and speaking of one of the Demoniacs in the tombs Mark chapter 5 Verse 5 says and always night and day he Was in the mountains and in the tombs Crying out and cutting himself with Stones this reminds me of self-cutting Self-cutting is an injury that people Inflict upon themselves to cope with Emotional pain anger and stress often Times a sharp object like a razor blade Knife or scissors are used to make marks Scratch or cut the body some cases of Self-cutting are quite severe and leave Lifelong scars apparently this makes People feel better because emotions and Pain crisscross in the brain and the Ones that Self-Cut the most are Adolescent sentines because they are not As skilled in handling stress this is a Dangerous Trend which is on the rise in Online post entitled self-harm claims Among Us teenagers increased 99 during Pandemic study fines by forbes.com States the coronavirus pandemic has had A devastating impact on the mental Health of teenagers in the United States According to an analysis of medical

Records and insurance claims conducted By non-profit Fair Health which found That overdoses intentional self-harm Claims substance abuse disorders and Claims for depression and anxiety Disorders all increased substantially in 2020 compared to the prior year now I'm Not saying that all of these cases are Instances of demonic possession but it Leads me to wonder how many may be as we Near the second coming of Jesus we can Expect demonic activity to increase as a Matter of fact Revelation chapter 12 Verse 12 States woe to the inhabitants Of the earth and the Sea for the devil Has come down to you having great wrath Because he knows that he has a short Time the devil is wreaking as much Havoc As possible in this world because he Knows that his time is about to be up so No wonder we see so much increased crime Conflicts climate change and mental Health issues he's behind much of that Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying All mental health cases are instances of Demonic possession I'm sure some are Though secular psychologists are not Aware of the spiritual realm and no Doubt misdiagnosed demonic possession as Mental illness sometimes but sometimes People have chemical imbalances in their Brain and other disabilities which make Them act erratically and we need Spiritual discernment to be able to

Distinguish between the two number five Nakedness Speaking of one of the demoniacs in the Tombs Luke chapter 8 verse 27 says and He wore no clothes nor did he live in a House but in the tombs this reminds me Of an online post I read entitled mother Wakes up naked every day in Zimbabwe by Adventistmission.org a 35 year old woman Approached a global Mission Pioneer During a two-week Evangelistic series Conducted in Nakai Zimbabwe explaining That she would go to sleep with her Clothes on but she would wake up naked In the morning she was scared and he had A hunch that it involved evil spirits so They prayed for her to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and the Church started praying for her as well Over the next few days she woke up fine And soon after she was baptized she was Never disturbed by evil spirits again Number six physical maladies Matthew chapter 12 verse 22 says then One was brought to him who was Demon-possessed blind and mute and he Healed him so that the Blind and mute Man both spoke and saw you know Sometimes people experience illness as a Result of the devil again not all Illnesses are a result of demonic Possession but the Bible is clear that Satan has power to make people ill for Example Luke chapter 13 verse 11 says

There was a woman who had a spirit of Infirmity 18 years and was bent over and Could in no way raise herself up Jesus Delivered her from that Spirit of Infirmity and healed her number seven Physical suffering Foreign Some forms of suffering are signs of Demonic possession including foaming at The mouth gnashing teeth becoming rigid And convulsions Matthew chapter 9 verses 17 through 20 says then one of the crowd Answered and said teacher I brought you My son who has a mute spirit and Whenever it seizes him it throws him Down he Foams at the mouth gnashes his Teeth and becomes rigid so I spoke to Your disciples that they should cast it Out but they could not he answered and Said to him o faithless generation how Long shall I be with you how long shall I bear with you bring him to me then They brought him to him and when he saw Him immediately the spirit convulsed him And he fell on the ground and wallowed Foaming at the mouth and speaking about The same account Luke chapter 9 verse 38 Says the demon-possessed boy suddenly Cries out so cries of Agony for no Apparent reason can also be a sign of Demonic possession and really the reason Why these things happen like convulsions Cries of Agony and other forms of Physical suffering is because there's a

Struggle going on between the demon and The person being possessed and these are Symptoms of the demon attempting to Exert its power over the person's body And mind big thanks to everyone who Supports my Channel with your prayers And donations your support helps keep my Channel going to reach more people with The gospel if you would like to support My channel you can make a one-time PayPal donation or a monthly pledge Through patreon links to my PayPal and Patreon accounts are in the video Description demonic possession is very Real according to the Bible and people Who are possessed display symptoms such As having a fascination with graveyards Excessive violence Supernatural strength And physical maladies and suffering to Name a few these are all symptoms of the Struggle that goes on in a person when a Demon is attempting to exert its power Over that person's body and mind Spiritual warfare is real Ephesians Chapter 6 verse 12 tells us for we do Not wrestle against flesh and blood but Against principalities against Powers Against the rulers of the darkness of This age against spiritual hosts of Wickedness in Heavenly places you can Gain the victory over these attacks by The power of Jesus learn how by clicking On the screen to watch my video entitled Spiritual warfare how to defeat Satan's

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