10 Signs You’re a TRUE Born Again Christian

How do you know if you've been born Again it's vital that you know the Answer to this question after all Jesus Said in John chapter 3 verse 5 most Assuredly I say to you unless one is Born of water and the spirit he cannot Enter the kingdom of God a pretty Important thing to check wouldn't you Say but answering this question isn't as Easy as ticking a box in this video we Will look at 10 signs that you have been Born again But before we do that if this channel Inspires you and you would like to Support this ministry please prayerfully Consider making a one-time PayPal Donation or a monthly patreon pledge so That we can continue to produce these Videos and reach more people with the Gospel your support helps keep this Channel going you can find links to our PayPal and patreon account in the video Description now back to the signs that You have been born again notice what Jesus says about the working of the holy Spirit in John chapter 3 verse 8 the Wind blows where it wishes and you hear The sound of it but cannot tell where it Comes from and where it goes so is Everyone who is born of the spirit we Might not be able to see him when he is Working on us but in reflection we're Able to see what he has done the Bible Describes the progression of the Holy

Spirit working on us like this the Spirit working on us from the inside in John chapter 16 verse 8. and when he the Holy Spirit has come he will convict the World of sin and of righteousness and of Judgment the Holy Spirit points out our Condition and our need of a savior so Long as we allow him then he starts Changing us from the inside he dwells in Us and we can read about that in John 14 Verses 16 and 17 and I will pray the Father and he will give you another Helper that he may abide with you Forever the spirit of Truth whom the World cannot receive because it neither Sees him nor knows him but you know him For he dwells with you and will be in You then a relationship is formed the Holy Spirit works with us to guide us Through our lives First Corinthians Chapter 2 verse 10 but God has revealed Them to us through his spirit for the Spirit searches all things yes the Deep Things of God how do we tell if that Relationship has been formed that we Have been born again as we go through These 10 lines know that these are not The only things that happen your Experience May differ and God is growing Us so you may experience some but not Others but I think they're a pretty good Gauge so as we go through them think has This been my experience if you can Relate to these points that's great if

Not then maybe God is still growing you In that area or perhaps you need to make Changes which we'll talk about at the End number one you become aware that you Are loved Romans chapter 8 verses 14 to 16 for as Many as are led by the spirit of God These are the sons of God for you did Not receive the spirit of bondage again To fear but you receive the spirit of Adoption by whom we cry out ever father The spirit himself Bears witness with Our spirit that we are children of God John chapter 1 verse 12 but as many as Received him to them he gave the right To become children of God to those who Believe on his name To the born-again Christian God is not Someone to be afraid of he is not Someone who is waiting for us to fail Instead he is a loving father and we are His children we realize that God gave His life on Calvary not just for the Whole world but for me personally that Love becomes very real you realize that God wants you to succeed spiritually Number two you develop a sense of awe Wonder and passion towards God Notice how David views creation Psalm Chapter 8 verses 3 to 9 when I consider Your Heavens the work of your fingers The moon and the stars which you have Ordained what is man that you are Mindful of him and the son of man that

You visit him for you have made him a Little lower than the angels and you Have crowned him with Glory and Honor You have made him to have dominion over The works of your hands you have put all Things under his feet all sheep and oxen Even the beasts of the field the birds Of the air and the fish of the sea that Pass through the paths of the Seas O Lord our Lord how excellent is your name In all the Earth you can almost Imagine David and the still of the Dawn looking Out past Jerusalem as the final Stars Fade Into the sunrise just taking all This in to the Christian nature is Not Mere functions and organisms nature Testifies of God's love his provision For us it shows us how God supplies our Needs how he sustains everything number Three any abuse or harm from the past Begins to be healed Matthew Chapter 14 verse 36 and begged Him that they might only Touch the Hem Of His Garment and as many as touched it Were made perfectly well just as Attached from Jesus even the Hem of His Garment would bring healing when Jesus Walked the Earth so too today as we draw Closer to him he brings healing to us That might be as we begin to understand His great forgiveness of us that we're More able to forgive others as we're Able to understand more of the causes of Suffering and what God has planned for

Us in eternity and that gives us peace Or perhaps it might just happen quite Miraculously things that brought us pain When we thought about them in the past No longer evoke that same emotional Response in us we're able to join Jeremiah in saying Jeremiah chapter 17 Verse 14 Heal Me O Lord and I shall be Healed save me and I shall be saved for You are my praise number four child like Fame Matthew chapter 18 verse 3 and said Assuredly I say to you unless you are Converted and become as Little Children You Will by no means enter the Kingdom Of Heaven our faith becomes more Absolute no longer are promises in Scripture something abstract but they Become real we realize that we can trust Them we know God stands behind every Promise that he has made with your Bible In your hands you can say I've done what You asked I believe absolutely that you Will fill your end of the promise number Five you have a true understanding of Your worth Notice what David said when he reflected On what God had done in him Psalm 139 Verses 13 to 18 for you formed my inward Parts you covered me in my mother's womb I will praise you for I am fearfully and Wonderfully made marvelous are your Works and that my soul knows very well My frame was not hidden from you when I

Was made in secret and skillfully Wrought in the lowest parts of the earth Your eyes saw my substance being yet Unformed and in your book they all were Written the days fashioned for me when As yet there were none of them how Precious also are your thoughts to me o God how great is the sum of them If I should count them they would be More in number than the sand when I were Awake I am still with you David in this Isn't pointing to anything of himself That is of great worth but he shares how He is valued because God formed him and God valued him contrast that with Lucifer who is lifted up because of his Beauty this is also in contrast with the World which II Timothy tells us is full Of men who are lovers of themselves Christians don't view themselves this Way number six your attitude toward Materialism changes Jesus instructed his followers in Matthew chapter 6 verses 31 to 34. Therefore do not worry saying what shall We eat or what shall we drink or what Shall we wear for after these things the Gentiles seek for your heavenly father Knows that you need all these things but Seek first the kingdom of God and his Righteousness and all these things shall Be added to you therefore do not worry About tomorrow for tomorrow will worry About its own things sufficient for the

Day is its own trouble as a Christian Fear of poverty is no longer haunting Likewise coveting what the world has Begins to fade the things of this world Just don't seem so important anymore Have you noticed that change let me know In the comments more than not being Fearful of want you have number seven You begin to experience a sense of real Peace Isaiah chapter 26 verse 3 you will keep Him in perfect peace whose mind has Stayed on you because he trusts in you Not only is peace a gift that God gives Us but is so much more it is critical to Our ability to resist doing things that Are not honest and pure and kind we are Comfortable with the Salvation that Jesus has given us we are at peace Contented we are happy to follow the Instructions that God gives us because Number eight our desires change Ephesians chapter 4 verses 22 to 24 that You put off concerning your former Conduct the old man which grows corrupt According to the deceitful lusts and be Renewed in the spirit of your mind and That you put on the new man which was Created according to God and true Righteousness and Holiness the things we Used to enjoy the videos we used to Watch books we used to read don't hold The same appeal anymore either they're Repulsive because of sin or even if

They're not overtly sinful they just Don't give the same satisfaction number Nine you want to live as God asks and Obedience becomes a pleasure First John chapter 2 verse 3 Now by this We know that we know him if we keep his Commandments first John chapter 5 verse 3 for this is the love of God that we Keep his Commandments and his Commandments are not burdensome for me It seems as if the progression of the Christian Life is first of all we are Ambivalent to God and what he desires For us then we want to have that desire To follow God's instructions although we Don't yet have it then we want to follow Them and then finally it's a pleasure to Do what is right notice this in Revelation 22 verse 14 blessed are those Who do his Commandments that they might Have right to the tree of life and may Enter through the gates into the city What does blessed mean these people are Happy to follow God's instruction lastly Number 10 you see people more like Christ sees them Philippians 2 verse 5 let this mind be In you which was also in Christ Jesus Instead of seeing people in relationship To ourselves this person is nice or this Person is mean to me this person agrees With me or doesn't this person believes Such and such instead you see people as People that Jesus died for that they are

Of infinite Worth to God you share God's Hope for them which is found in second Peter 3 verse 9. the law does not slack Concerning his promise as some count Slackness but is long-suffering toward Us not willing that any should perish But that all should come to repentance Real quick if you're new to this Channel And you don't want to miss any of our Future videos then make sure you Subscribe and click the Bell so you get Notified when we post new content there Are lots of strange ideas out there of What it means to be born again but the Truth of what the Holy Spirit does in US Is far more more logical it's practical And it's real God wants to change us What if you resonated with none of these Points firstly don't despair take heart In the fact that God is able to do all These things in us that's something to Look forward to it may be that you've Never completely surrendered yourself to God and died to yourself as the Bible Says you should in spite of asking for Forgiveness you may never have made a Total choice of letting God change you You have been trying to sort it out by Yourself instead you need to do this Second chronicles 7 14. If my people who Are called by my name will humble Themselves and pray and seek my face and Turn from their Wicked Ways then I will Hear from heaven and will forgive their

Sin and heal their land there are people That say that they are addicted trapped And can never Escape their present Condition and that God will just have to Forgive them in their sins but God Saves Us from our sins not in them and he says That we should be transformed Born Again Changed for that to happen you must make A decision that you want to fully Surrender to God no more half measures Only total submission to his will it Must be a choice to leave all sin Completely behind and to rely completely On God to transform you do you feel like You're experiencing setback after Setback constantly falling into sin and You don't know where to turn next I want To assure you that there is a way out Learn what that is by clicking on the Screen to watch my video entitled Spiritual warfare how to defeat Satan's Attacks thank you for watching and God Bless you

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